About Tiereny



Hey yall, I am Tiereny! Welcome to my site. I am so excited to share these amazing styles that have no limits. I am a plus size mother of 4 and so sick of the every day fight to get dressed and feel good. I have been watching this company and seeing the way that the clothing continues to be amazing for plus size woman and not just size 0-11. I love that they offer a variety. I am from good old Wisconsin, we ladies here love to feel good and be comfortable in our own skin. This company stands for exactly that! I am excited to share different styles and combos with everyone. The other great thing is that I can dress my little girl in some of these cute outfits too! There is so much to offer with Copper and Rose I cant wait to see what the future holds. So for now, check out my site and ask me anything at all. I am here to help you shop and love what you buy!